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Smile is utmost precious thing for every being in this world. Keeping this pledge alive, Dentist in Allahabad

with its high care and gentle touch provides comprehensive range of treatment to all its patients. With the latest techniques in dentistry, we optimize oral health and get the smile glued to our every patient’s face.

Root Canal Treatment
Repairing the badly decayed tooth, this endodontic therapy treatment under the banner of best dentist in Allahabad helps to get rid of infections that arose from inside of a tooth. It’s a course of action which aid to relieve dental pain in the tooth root.

Dental Implants
It is one of the most ideal and popular solution for missing tooth. It’s key material being titanium, it is one of the widest used technique which is light and harmless. This procedure is durable and long lasting that gives fine results.

Orthodontic Treatment
With the one of its kind facilities, dentist in Allahabad provide best treatment for straightening the appearance of teeth. With the simple treatment of using gentle pressure by delicate wires this technique helps to move teeth following painless procedure

Best Dentist in Allahabad (Prayagraj)

Best Dentist in Allahabad (Prayagraj)

Hello! I’m Dr. Rishi Raj

Dr. Rishi Raj is among those eminent skilled dentist in Allahabad who is known for his outstanding work and duties. Holding prestigious degree from a recognized university from state capital, Dr. Rishi Raj is king of ace in his genre. With generous experience in his hands, he is known for his phenomenal work in dentistry. He is serving his patients from past several years with his remarkable skills.

Dr. Rishi Raj is have expertise in filling, crowns, smile designing , RCT’s etc.
He enrolled a team of adept dentist under him as helping hands to serve every being in the best possible way. Dr. Rishi Raj is the only dentist in Allahabad who offers free replacement warranty on various dental care procedures like crown, Root canal treatment, implant and filling .

Routine Dentistry

Dental Fillings

Crowns & Bridges

Pediatric Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Cavities

Periodontal Care

Dental Veneers

Smile Designing

Gum Grafting

Teeth Whitening

Dentures & Partials

Oral Maxillofacial

Gum Disease Treatment

Dental Anesthesia

Best Dental Clinic in Allahabad (Prayagraj)

Dentist In Allahabad is understood because the Best Dental Clinic in Allahabad (Prayagraj) for the subsequent reasons:

Dentist In Allahabad provides personalized care and treatment that’s focused on the elimination of the basis explanation for any dental problem that patients are experiencing.

We are equipped with the newest technology thereby making the treatment process pain-free. we’ve the foremost advanced dental equipment including state-of-the-art sterilization facilities and laboratories.

Dentist In Allahabad follows the international standards for each specialty that exists within dentistry and adopts only a specialized approach to dentistry. We believe delivering top-quality Dentistry at the foremost affordable pricing.

We stand by every means to deliver you the simplest within the world of dentistry.

To be the well-liked care service provider in every neighborhood across Allahabad by offering high-quality Oral and overall healthcare, ethically. we offer comprehensive oral healthcare services, the newest equipment & sterilization protocols, and utilizes advanced pain-management technology to supply affordable healthcare of the very best quality.

To establish itself because the best practice in Allahabad, Dentist In Allahabad adheres to the very best standards in clinic safety and hygiene, with a continuing specialise in ethics and transparency.

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md.nooralam sheak
md.nooralam sheak
Root canal dentist in Allahabad
Sanjay Yadav
Sanjay Yadav
Pain less root canal treatment in Rishi Raj Dental clinic in Prayagraj
Vijay Yadav
Vijay Yadav
Dr.Rishi Raj best root canal treatment in prayagraj am fully satisfied
Asharfi Lal
Asharfi Lal
Root canal specialist in allahabad
Ashish Sahu
Ashish Sahu
We had visited this clinic for an urgent procedure. We were very happy with the personalized treatment by Dr. Rishi Raj where she explained in detail about the treatment and answered all our queries precisely. All care was taken with respect to Covid-19 which helped us not worry about the safety measures as such in this situation. The work done was very good and in minimal sittings. Highly recommended dentist in Allahabad area.
Panda Baba
Panda Baba
“We are so grateful for your kind words, we are committed to provide best dental treatments to our all clients with our Professional team of Expert Dentists. Thanks for sharing your review with us and the community.” Regards : Team : Rishi Raj dental clinic & Implant Centre.
Himanshu Kumar UP COP
Himanshu Kumar UP COP
Exceptional services at reasonable price. Dr Rishi Raj is very humble and patient while explaining your dental problem and it's remedy. His RCT treatment is painless and gets completed in a days time. One of the best in the field. Fully satisfied
Saurabh Tripathi
Saurabh Tripathi
Service and Treatment were really good. And Doctors are very friendly and taken care of my tooth problem very effectively & responded to it.. A big thumbs up👍 to Rishi Raj Dental clinic. Happy with treatment..Keep this good work going and all the best...Thank
Bhola Prasad
Bhola Prasad
Wonderful this guys are working as a team, making everything possible you can imagine I have spend a lot of time with dentist As for as I'm concerned this is one fo the best dentist and modern clinic i have ever been. Making this statement as some one who had been treated around globe. The best about the clinic, though are people Thayer are with the latest technology but what goes more into account you feel in the best hand and taking care of every concern you have. They will read your wishes and even see future broblam with your teeth others won't see. Also the relation between assistants and doctors is a vary friendly and good willing facility available in Rishi Raj dental clinic.

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Why Us?

  • Certified Dental Clinic in Allahabad.
  • International Quality Treatment with Most Hygienic Environment.
  • Most Awarded dentists working under one roof.
  • Maximum number of satisfied patients with more than 300 reviews on Google.
  • 5 Star Rated Best Dental Clinic in Allahabad.
  • Highly skilled and experienced team of dentists.
  • Only dentist in Allahabad who offer free replacements up to 10+ years on procedures like root canal treatment/RCT, Crowns/capping, Fillings, and Implants.
  • We use only the best quality materials available around the globe. We prefer to import them from various countries to provide amazing results.
  • Fastest Treatment Options: we offer single visit root canal treatment/RCT and also can deliver Crown within a few hours.
  • Our policy and procedure show transparency in the way we deal with our patients. All this at reasonable and realistic rates.
  • All modes of payments including debit and credit card accepted as per customer’s convenience.
  • Free Wi-Fi Available in the Dental Clinic Premises.
  • Experience the best – bet you will never go anywhere else.

Technologically Most Advanced Dental Clinic in Allahabad

  • (a) Digital shade guide: The device which automatically indicates correct shades up to 99.99%. It will help to eliminate the mismatching during implants.
    (b) Physics forceps: An extraction system for tooth removal that cause minimum discomfort to the patients. It will not cause any trauma to the jaw bone. As these cost around 1.5 to 1.8 lakh people don’t buy it but for us patient comfort is the top priority.
  • There are several such instruments and equipment which are available only with us.
  • Provide International warranty cards on crowns that are valid in most countries.
  • We have several MDS specialists Dentists who can do a specific dental treatment more precisely.

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