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Root Canal Treatment
Repairing the badly decayed tooth, this endodontic therapy treatment under the banner of best dentist in paryagraj helps to get rid of infections that arose from inside of a tooth. It’s a course of action which aid to relieve dental pain in the tooth root. This mode bring up tooth cleaning, removing the disinfectants , shaping the canal and filling it to seal the area. 
People facing the issue might get frightened about the further procedure and it’s cure span but the contemporary techniques under the umbrella of Dentist in Allahabad it all seems to be fine.  Vanishing the fear of painful treatment, Dr. Rishi Raj provides excellent treatment alleviating the soreness. 
Crowns & Bridges
This technique is use to fix dental restoration issues. It is a permanent solution for people who have damaged or missing teeth. Dental Crowns techniques used by our best dental clinic in Allahabad cover damaged tooth providing durability. It also helps in restoring the original shape of the tooth.  Dental Bridges provide esthetics and strength to threatened tooth. At our place, Crowns and Bridge technique helps to restore every smile with confidence. 
Dental Veneers

Can also be collectively called as porcelain  veneers which is a technique to improve the teeth appearance by custom made tooth shell toning with the original colour. Despite being thin, it result in stronger tooth and shiny teeth. This tack not only shape the tooth but also brighten it’s dark appearance. This technique is boon for gaping, cracks, overlapping and disproportionate teeth trouble.

Routine Dentistry
Routine dentistry is to maintain the oral health protecting natural teeth. With the regular examination by dentist in Allahabad, the health of gums and teeth are maintained. Restoring the natural appearance, this include sorting the oral risk and factors .
It keep an eye on number of facet like tooth decay, removing stains, reviewing mouth anatomy and even oral cancer examination. 
Dental Fillings

It’s a technique to restore damaged tooth by decay. It’s a way out to remove the decay material from tooth and prevent it from further damage. It’s a simple procedure that starts with examining of mouth by the dentist and in a short span of time the whole procedure conclude. 

Oral Maxillofacial
Oral and maxillofacial technique is the speciality of dentistry. It focus on treating problems or defects on the basis of soft and hard tissues of the face, jaws and month. This technique is apt for treating even severe childbirth complexity like cleft lips or even facial skeleton.
Here we provide excellent quality care to our every patient.
Dental Implants

It is one of the most ideal and popular solution for missing tooth. It’s key material being titanium, it is one of the widest used technique which is light and harmless. This procedure is durable and long lasting that gives fine results. 

Pediatric Dentistry

This include oral care of children from infantcy to adolescent. From baby milk teeth which got replaced by secondary teeth, this technique focus on proper dental care including oral pain and decay. This also include florida treatment as well as prescribing proper nutrition and diet to younger ones. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry focus on complete oral care in the form of preventing issues, diagnosing problems and treating oral diseases. It’s a method of complete oral care by whitening teeth and enhancing smile. This not only helps in improving in oral appearance but also take care of complete oral Heath. 

Dental Cavities
This is a common issue that results in tooth enamel decay due to bacteria effect. It results in hole formation in tooth that starts with a dot but gradually turn out disaster if left untreated. 
This is something that can affect anyone regardless their age. 
The best way to cope up is filling cracks and crevices at the best dentist place in Allahabad. 
Periodontal Care
This is one of the most common dental concern among adults that results in gum issues , tooth loss and many other severe oral problems. This is easily characterized by swollen and bleeding gums. 
In most cases it is difficult to diagnose as it remain painless in early stage. 
Gum Disease Treatment
Gum disease which can also be dotted as periodontal disease basically arose when bacteria grows inside the mouth of a person resulting inflammation in tissues surrounding the teeth. 
This can be coined as warning sign or serious condition of periodontics which starts with teeth followed by gums and ends up at the oral bones. 
Orthodontic Treatment

With the one of its kind facilities, dentist in Allahabad provide best treatment for straightening or improving the appearance of teeth with braces. With the simple treatment of using gentle pressure by delicate wires and spring, this technique helps to move teeth following painless procedure

Smile Designing

Smile being the most important feature of human face, Dentist in Allahabad work hard to make it a little more beautiful. Reforming it with tooth whitening , implanting, dental veneers, and many other technique we focus to allure this makeover treatment. 

Gum Grafting
This might sound some rocket science but truly it is something that is regularly performed out by team to fetch up the issues like tooth sensitivity and gum recession. 
It can be serious and emerge many issues  if left untreated by an expert. 
Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is one of the most common dentistry treatment which enhance brightness and whiteness of teeth and that too at affordable price. 
It lightens the teeth shade and bring back bright shiny smile . Being performed by dentist, this is a quick and effective  way to remove stains from teeth.
Dentures & Partials

Dentures and partials is natural dental appliance that works to restore function of jaws by replacing one or several teeth. This technique works wonders for compensating the gaps in the mouth. It’s the best way to maintain oral health that get disturbed by the missing tooth. 

Dental Anesthesia

Dental anesthesia helps to allivate the discomfort and pain cause during surgery. It controls the pain without the loss of consciousness of a person. Eliminating the affliction, this helps to relieve anxiety, fear or discomfort among patients during the procedure.

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