Orthodontic Treatment in Allahabad & Prayagraj

We Offer Best Orthodontic Treatment in Allahabad & Prayagraj

Orthodontic Treatment is a branch of dentistry specializing in dealing with the diagnosis of malpositioning of teeth and its prevention and how it can be corrected and brought back into the original position.

It also focuses on correcting official structure, which gets affected by the malpositioned teeth and leads to various problems in the future. Orthodontic treatment is the process of straightening the teeth to make the appearance of the teeth look better. It also helps in the working functioning of the teeth.

It can help In the long-term health of the teeth, gums, and various other problems that may arise by the spreading of biting pressure. At Dentist in Allahabad, this treatment is carried out by our specialist Dr. Rishi Raj.

One of the essential things to be considered before getting this treatment is a full-fledged examination that is x-rays of the teeth and a model of how it had to be located in the correct position. The treatment can only proceed when you have enough permanent teeth as it cannot be performed with milk teeth or temporary teeth.

This treatment is done by an appliance called braces, and they fit into the mouth in such a way that helps in the relocation of teeth to their normal position. The braces can be of two types removable and fixed braces.

The braces can be made of metal, plastic, ceramic material according to the need of the situation and the done explicitly for the adults. With the advancement of technology, new braces have been introduced in the industry known as invisible braces; they are solid clear plastic pairs with the life of being used for one or two weeks, and then it has to be replaced by the other one. In this procedure, we have a timeline depending on how severe the condition of the problem is. It may take a period of a few months to 2 years.

In most cases, the people get their issue resolved within the timeframe of one to two years. Did the completion of the treatment that it is to be held in the same position for some time with the help of retainers to get the teeth in the proper fixed place that they have been changing into.


orthodontic treatment in allahabad

Reasons to go for an Orthodontic Treatment in Allahabad:

Most of the people have teeth which are in the wrong position or crowded at a particular place. This treatment will help get it straightened and aligned and put into a better job, which can help improve the appearance of the teeth and make the functioning a lot better. It also becomes easier to clean it. Some of the clients have teeth sticking out, which may take a toll on their confidence.

The lower teeth are positioned in such a way that leads to incorrect biting and often leads to biting of gums on the inner area, leading to gum infections in the future. Strain is put on the jaw muscles, causing various joint problems and jaw problems, and it also leads to severe headaches for some people and Orthodontic treatment can help reduce the strain witches put on the muscles. The best time to get this treatment is usually during childhood, as it is easier to get the teeth in the proper position. It can also be done for the adults as sometimes the client may not have the necessary number of teeth for the treatment and has to wait for all that before getting the treatment started.

In this treatment, there is a chance that there may not be enough room for all the how many teeth, so some of the permanent teeth may be taken out to make space for all the necessary teeth. This decision will mostly be taken by the head surgeon that is going to do your procedure. First, these races make me feel weird and cause discomfort, but if the discomfort doesn’t go away for a prolonged period, the orthodontist may carry out some adjustments to help the position and make it more comfortable for the client.

The success of this procedure depends on the dentist’s skills, and as at Dentist in Allahabad, with the help of the X-ray and specialled orthodontist that we have. It becomes easy and with the least possible. After the treatment is done, there may be a slight movement of teeth over time as there is no hundred percent guarantee that the teeth will remain on the same spot, but most of the cases get settled after treatment is completed. While getting this treatment done, we need to take proper care of your teeth by cleaning them properly every day and ensuring that you’re very careful while brushing your teeth as braces are delicate and handling them roughly needs to disturb braces. The patient who gets the braces done should also cut down on high sugar foods and drinks as stiff drinks and foods that get stuck may damage your mount

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