Root Canal cost in Allahabad has a varied range from clinics to clinics depending on the position of the tooth and also on the levels of severity. Although cost plays a major role while selecting a suitable clinic to get the treatment done but it shouldn’t be the only criteria while selecting the clinic where you would want to get your treatment done. In order to get the Root Canal Treatment in Allahabad, one should look at the experience of the doctor as well as some reviews from the patients as well to get an idea.

root canal cost

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is also known as Endodontic Treatment (medically) and involves a series of steps. A Root Canal Specialist in Allahabad will be able to perform the treatment with the utmost expertise. The treatment involves a lot of attention and expertise as it gives the tooth a long life as well as prevents bone loss in that area where the tooth has decayed.

Before finalizing the clinic and the doctor one should properly search for a Root Canal Specialist in Allahabad as most of the Root Canal Treatments in Allahabad are incorrectly done, either they have the excessive filling or short filling. A minor mistake can also lead to severe consequences like the formation of an abscess, swelling, etc. A Root Canal Specialist in Allahabad who specializes in Endodontic surgery or treatments should be the first and foremost choice for the patients because they have expertise in handling the cases. A Root Canal Specialist in Allahabad will better understand the problem and will be able to carry out the RCT process without any errors. An RCT treatment is related to the gum pulp that has decayed which needs to be replaced by a filling. The process sometimes involves various settings depending upon the severity, so an expert in the field of endodontics will be able to perform the treatment with ease and less pain!

Root Canal Cost in Allahabad?
Front Teeth:- Our Rates- 2000/- Market Rate- 1500 to 4000/-
Back Teeth:- Our Rates- 3000/- Market Rate- 2500 to 6000/-

Re-RCT Cost in Allahabad?
Front Teeth:- Our Rates 3000/- Market Rate- 4000 to 5000/-
Back Teeth:- Our Rates- 4500/- Market Rate- 4500 to 8000/-

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