Have you ever thought about the right age to visit a dentist? Or what is the right time one must take an appointment for oral check up? These questions might sound uncanny at specific points of life but make sense if noticed carefully.

Paediatric dentistry is not something new to the world. Many times people often ask about the right age to visit a dentist. The answer might sound weird but it is infancy. The milk teeth of tiny tots need maximum attention as they are very prone to dental and gum issues. They readily catch tooth worms. With a very clear concept, when a bottle or breastfeed baby falls asleep with traces of milk inside their mouth, it opens up doors for tooth decay and stands at the risk border for oral issues. This turns out to be the favourite place for bacteria to build their shelter. If this is left untreated or ignored then it turns up to be the reason for miseries among babies. Taking milk during bed time or naptime raises discomfort among tiny tots and can even hurt babies rotting their teeth and affecting their gums.

Getting glued to the age-old concept that the problem spot or root point for diseases starts with the mouth, Dr. Rishi Raj in Allahabad is the magic wand for toddlers. Maintaining good oral health and taking proper care of milk teeth is something he always advises to the concerned parents. Dr. Rishi Raj is not the best dentist in Allahabad with just words but he truly proves it with his outstanding work. During his regular sessions with the parents he leaves no stone unturned to spread awareness about the importance of oral checkups for little ones. Dr. Rishi Raj believes that the baby’s overall health to a large extent depends on oral health and hygiene which are crucial key note to understand by the parents. As teeth help the baby to eat food and inversely affect the baby’s jaws to grow in a better way. Maintaining alertness during the initial days helps to set good dental habits while ignorance leads to infection, emergence of disease or dental issues.

Oral health problems among children

There are numerous problems that affect the oral health of children. Some common issues faced by kids are:

Baby bottle tooth decay:

This is the most familiar issue that raises discomfort among kids. This generally happens when babies frequently feed sweetened drinks or the breastfed baby falls asleep with milk inside the mouth. The unswallowed milk raises risk for tooth decay and becomes home for bacterias to breed.

Thumb sucking: Thumb sucking is something very normal for infants. It gives them a feel of emotional security but thumb sucking beyond the age of 5 is a matter of concern for parents. It turns out to be a reason for a misaligned upper and lower jaw resulting in a malformed mouth.

Early tooth loss :

Early tooth loss is also a matter of worry for parents. If a tooth comes out before permanent tooth emergence time then the nearby tooth sometimes shifts its position which reduces the space for the spit out tooth. This forms misaligned teeth formation. This also interferes with proper chewing habits. Getting it removed by the dentist is a sure shot way to avoid misery.

Tongue thrusting :Tongue thrusting is also a common habit of kids sealing the mouth with tongue top against the lips. This exerts pressure against the front teeth causing protuberance. This also affects the speech development of little ones.

Steps to consider:

• Do not let your baby fall asleep with a bottle in mouth. The collected milk inside the mouth can turn out to be a major reason for tooth decay. If you nurse your baby during the night, make sure to remove the breast when the baby falls asleep.

• Stop giving bottles to babies when they are 1 year old. Switch to sippy cups for moulding babies with better milk drinking habit.

• Avoid high sugar drinks for babies.

• Try to avoid serving pacifiers to babies after the age of 2. The theory applies to the tiny tots who love to suck their thumb and distort the alignment of teeth.

When to visit a dentist

The most favourable time to take your baby to the dentist is when they complete 6 months or when parents introduce solids to their babies. Proper knowledge of healthy food habits plays a crucial role at that time in maintaining good oral health and hygiene. During that phase the best dentist in Allahabad, Dr. Rishi Raj comes forward as a magician. For many years he has been dealing with the oral health of babies and satisfied every parent with his outstanding knowledge and treatment. Dr. Rishi Raj uses the latest techniques and focuses only on maintaining proper oral health and hygiene of babies.

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